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Raise Funds with NASCAR

Raise Funds with NASCAR

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Speedway Motorsports is ready to help your non-profit organization put the FUN into Fund-Racing! Sell tickets to the race at Circuit of The Americas on March 24, 2024 and raise money for your organization. 

How does it work? Each group will receive their own special link to have people purchase tickets from and the more you sell the more you raise.

Enjoy these advantages to Fund-Racing with Speedway Motorsports:

  • Custom and unique ticket purchasing link for your organization
  • Group and Block Seating
  • You set the fundraising amount
  • Free car and/or Bus parking for your group
  • Discounted seating options
  • Unlimited fundraising potential

Saturday, March 23, 2024: NASCAR Xfinity 250 & Expel 225
Sunda,y March 24, 2024: NASCAR EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix

Use the form below to send us your group leader information and a race specialist will be in touch shortly. They will show you how the link works and get your started with how to sell.

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